About noël

Behind the scenes fashion photoshoot

The Brand 

noël a cut & sew brand, designed in Australia and made in Turkey. We focus on simple cuts, yet quality, sustainable fabrics. Every collection, we collaborate with a different artist because we believe there is something powerful about the union of Art & Fashion. Every creator, every piece of art, brings a different meaning to the clothes, so that they're more than just clothes.

The Story

noël is a brand born out of the 2020 pandemic. It only took 6 months to launch the whole thing from from beginning to end. But really, it was over 12 years in the making... 

My name is Kimia, the founder of noël. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt about making clothes. The little black book in the photo below was given to me by my school when my family immigrated from Iran to a small town in Malaysia called Kuantan. Every recess, I would sit by myself and sketch clothes in my little black book. 

I kept the book with me for years to come, slowly filling the pages as my family moved from one country to another. It was a creative outlet through a time of constant change in my life.  


brand story and design files

After graduating university, I fell into the corporate world and worked at a high growth tech company for 3+ years. During that time, I learned what it’s like to hustle, to find answers on my own, and just how to ‘make sh*t happen’. Early 2020, I was weeks away from moving overseas when Covid-19 hit hard. My dreams of moving to America were #cancelled and I moved back to my parent’s home in Brisbane.

I was distraught, confused, and in despair. I had kept my little black book at my parents’ house all these years, and once again, I went back to it. This time - I didn’t just sketch. I came up with a grand plan.

6 months later, noël was born. 

noël became my happy place. It was no longer just sketches in a little black book. It was real. 

I hope when you wear noël, it reminds you to find your zest for life. The thing that makes you happy every day. 

Thank you for reading my story.

Kimia Marzban, Founder of noël